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The name behind some of the most successful initiatives

eInvoicing, Open Data, Blockchain and more.

IT standards play an essential
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“Our politicians have drawn the roadmap and allocated the necessary funds for a Digital Europe. It’s now up to public and private stakeholders to make the best use of it, leveraging technology and innovation to build a sustainable economy and a resilient society.”

Carmen Ciciriello, Celeris CEO

Advising on policies and strategic initiatives for EU policymakers, governments and private sector entities.

Identifying and recruiting stakeholders at national and international levels to ensure project goals are realized.

Mediating projects to maintain cohesion, collaboration and coordination between disparate stakeholders to ensure project goals are met.

Partnering and in-house innovation of commercial solutions and applications.

What we Do

We are digital services advisors collaborating with companies and regulators to shape the European digital landscape.

The impact of our expert guidance and solutions orientation can be found in payments, eInvoicing, eProcurement, and other areas of the digital services ecosystem.

From 2020, we are moving towards projects that facilitate the use of open data in the environment and health sector, as well.

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About Celeris

For over 12 years, Celeris and its founder, Carmen Ciciriello, have been integral in defining standards and implementing solutions to realize the benefits of interoperability and open data across Europe.

Since 2008, she has been a member of numerous expert groups of the European Commission, including the EC Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement, EC Payment Systems Market Expert Group, and EC Expert Group on eInvoicing.

Our expertise

The Impact of our Work

Among the EU public-sector programs, PEPPOL is a rising star. The adoption of PEPPOL by UK’s Department of Health marks the largest organisation private or public of this international standard.

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President responsible for the Digital Agenda, European Commission

Switching to e-procurement, and particularly to e-invoicing, can bring significant savings and make life easier both for the governments and for the thousands of businesses active in the Internal Market.

Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services

eForms offer their users a wide range of advantages. Without data, policymakers would not be able to effectively do their job and citizens have a right to understand how governments spend their money.

Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME’s


Celeris is a signatory to the LIVING-IN.EU Declaration on joining forces to boost sustainable digital transformation in cities and communities in the EU.

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